Hello World!

Welcome to my blog, Silk and Spice. Born from a love for good nutrition and an equal admiration for fashion which I like to define more as self expression and personal style, I united the two and voila, Silk and Spice was born.

 I’m Sophia – the one behind it all.  Five years ago, I had just graduated from a Fashion Marketing program, got married, and soon after had my son.  As any parent out there understands, the unconditional love of a mother and child has defined my life, but in those first few months of sleepless nights and barely any adult interactions, I needed an outlet!  Searching for more peace in my life, the first thing that came to mind was yoga.  I joined the local YMCA and started discovering this practice.  I instantly fell in love, luckily having a wonderful teacher that I connected with even in that cold room in the middle of a gym.  I knew I needed to find a studio which was completely dedicated to spirituality and this ancient practice.  That’s exactly what I did, and fast forward to today, I have been practicing at a lovely studio, Om West, in the heart of Pointe Claire Village, Quebec for the last five or so years.

I tell you all this because yoga completely changed my life, from creating better balance on and off the mat, to a much better understanding of my physical and spiritual body which I never really was in tune with, to what inspired me to start this blog; my more wholesome and nutritious vegetarian diet.  I am so grateful for having enjoyed that first class at the YMCA, for it has led me to so much personal growth.

Why did I create this blog?  I want to show you how easy and delicious vegetarian cooking really IS!  Food and photography are not my background.  When I met my husband, who worked in the food industry for over a decade, I was always on cheese grating duty (at most) in the kitchen.  It took a lot of learning, patience, practice, cooking, and thousands of photos later to get where I am today.  All my photos are taken with a Canon T3i with an 18-55mm lens.  I believe I have something very accessible to share with you all, through the collection of recipes you will find here, to the unique clothing and accessory finds made right here in Montreal by designers who inspire me.  Thank you for taking the time for some Silk and Spice, I hope you find some inspiration here.

3 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Well first and foremost, welcome to WordPress! It’s exciting to see a vegetarian around and it’ll be cool to hear about your experiences with yoga and cooking. If this is your first blog you’ve ever made, know that the community can appear a little shy at first but they’ll come around. Just keep writing about what you love and people will see that passion and follow. 🙂 My name’s Eric, I’m a pesco-vegetarian, and I write about artists I love and my life. I hope you have a wonderful time with WordPress and I’m excited to see what you have to write about! 🙂 If you have any question, just reply or send me a comment! Happy WordPressing!

  2. Thank you both for the warm welcome!
    Eric, keep writing about what inspires you!
    Sammy, so glad to hear you’re pulling out the the juicer 🙂 Your blog is also deliciously beautiful!

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