Made in Montreal: Shining Light Through Yoga Jewelry

I wish I had known about Trink Jewelry when I got married in 2008.  Some of the most ethereal and charming bridal accessories are found in this handmade, Montreal-based jewelry line.  Tracy Gartner is the creator behind it all, a one woman show who has been designing and handmaking these beautiful trinkets since 2001. In recent months, Tracy has been inspired by her passion for yoga to design a collection which can be worn with ease in more ways than one.  The new collection,Reflect, incorporates the chakra energy colours, the seven main energy centers of our bodies.

To understand the function of the chakras better, when the energy centers are not balanced, or the energies are not flowing fluidly, we feel slowed down, sluggish, depressed, just out of sorts.  When balanced, we are joyful and living peacefully.  There are several ways to balance the chakras, through meditation, positive affirmations, healthy foods, gems, minerals, and colour tonations to name a few.  With this, the Reflect collection shines beautifully in violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red, enhancing our body’s energy centers, and not to mention, simply makes us feel absolutely radiant in this beautiful jewelry line.

The collection includes delicate crystal malas, earrings, lotus rings, and headbands which can also be worn as anklets or bracelets.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces.

Chakra bangle – made with approximately 300 Swarovski crystals

Chakra earrings – rainbow Swarovski crystal drops

Chakra necklace – rainbow Swarovski crystals 

Swarovski crystal friendship bracelet

Tantra necklace – silk and crystal braid

I encourage you to discover the entire collection, which can be found at Trink’s etsy shop or better yet, you can visit Tracy at her boutique at 322 Victoria Avenue, Westmount, Qc. H3Z 2M8 and fully appreciate these divine feminine pieces in person.

Feel free to contact Tracy for more info at 514-830-8354 |

Pictured here is the talented Tracy Gartner of Trink.

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