Freezing Fresh Herbs

My husband and I started a small garden in our backyard last year.  We totally overplanted and ended up with an amazon looking bush, but regardless, we got a bounty of tomatoes and fresh herbs.  This year, we were a tad more experienced, and expanded our garden to (spaciously) include more veggies and our favourite herbs.  Considering our little family of three, we end up freezing quite a bit.  I was never sure about freezing herbs, but it’s a perfectly good practice and you will be so thankful in the winter.  So far, I have used this method for fresh chives, basil, and dill.  The process is simple, and when you are ready to use them, you simply remove them from the freezer and add them straight into your dish, no need to defrost, as this happens quickly with herbs.  The other nice thing is you can store them in your freezer for up to six months (even longer, but won’t taste as good), so in those cold winter months when you crave a little taste of summer, your garden herbs are ready to go.

Here are the simple steps involved:

  • Wash your fresh herbs well.
  • Lay a paper towel onto a baking sheet, and lay the herbs overtop.
  • Let them air dry, do not press down on them with paper towel.
  • Once fully dry, chop them to the size you would normally need them for in your cooking.
  • Place small portions (again, the amount you normally cook with) individually into small ziplock bags.
  • You can mark the date on your ziplock bag to remember the best before date for quality.
  • Pop into the freezer.  You’re done!

I’d love to hear from you – are you growing a garden this summer? How is it going?  Have you ever tried freezing your fresh herbs?




4 thoughts on “Freezing Fresh Herbs

  1. Hello Silk and Spice,
    What a fun name for the blog :). Amazing recipes to share too…
    I was thinking about writing this very post for a long time… May I reblog it tomorrow, if you don’t mind ?
    Sonal @ simplyvegetarian777

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