7 thoughts on “Plastic VS Nature

  1. Justine M says:

    I am trying so hard to revolutionize my habits… like reaching for plastic wrap, going shopping without bags (I’ve pretty much conquered that one), going for coffee without my own cup, etc. etc. I wish our legislators would simply make laws so plastics in packaging are no longer an option. I “get” that petro-chemicals are needed for modern medicine and for jet fuel… but there are so many uses that are no longer ethical. We are so complacent because convenience is, well, convenient — and more importantly not frowned upon universally. One only needs to see images of Indian cities or the Pacific gyre to immediately understand — without words — why we need to change… but old habits die hard when the convenience factor is ‘right there’. Shame on our century for not properly valuing the incredible bounty of the Mother, especially when the science and local know-how is there to point it out,
    (Off my soapbox to self now. Thanks)
    PS I’m proud to say I contributed to the crowd-funding initiative for this film earlier this year. Hopefully it will contribute to the massive eco-revolution that we all know in our hearts is possible… and necessary.

    • I always love hearing from you, Justine. First, you should proud to have been a contributor to this eye-opening film.
      I, like, you try on a daily basis to remind myself that my actions have circumstances. I’ve been told, you can’t change the world. Maybe not, but I can change my own habits, and hopefully spark some thought in others to question their actions. The biggest contender here is definitely convenience. I am not sure what it will take for more people to revolutionize their habits.
      You’re so right, the amount of packaging is ridiculous. I remember we sometimes couldn’t fit all our recycling into our massive bin. This was an eye-opener for us, and we had to start being a lot more conscious of the things we buy, and where all that plastic will end up. It doesn’t just ‘go away’.

  2. Powerful message and shame on us. I had a very hard time watching that because although I try to be conscience of these things I fail sometimes and look at the outcome. Thanks for posting this, it’s eye opening, we are destroying all that is beautiful in nature.

    • I hear you. No one is perfect, but as long as we are conscience, we are bound to make better choices. The problem is so many people are complacent. One day, we will have NO choice but to make smarter choices, and unfortunately, our pour Earth will be too far gone.

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