August Foodie Penpals – My First Penpal Experience

Who doesn’t love getting mail?  Even better, food packages in the mail?  This was my first time participating in the Foodie Penpal program, created by Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean.  I love the concept, as we get to connect with fellow foodies, try new things, and give and receive things in the mail other than bills!

Basically, we are paired up with people in the country we live in, and we spend $15 on food items, store bought or homemade, whatever you think your penpal will enjoy.  We mail out our packages with a handwritten letter, then write about what we received at the end of the month (if you have a blog).  If you don’t have a blog, you just go ahead and indulge, and possibly guest post on your penpal’s blog.

It was a lot of fun shopping for my penpal, and I was super excited about what I received as well.

I’ll tell you the highlight of my package.  My penpal, Ashleigh, lives in Toronto, and she sent me the most delectable dark Peruvian chocolate bar which was handmade at a distillery down the street from her home.  I’m not sure if all foodie penpals do it this way, but I opened and tasted everything at once.  As for the chocolate, it was hard to stop!  It had the perfect amount of spice and saltiness.  Honestly, I’ve never had better! I’ve discovered you can even shop online from Soma. Dangerous…


Couldn’t have said it better…


My son and I loved these little ginger snaps, gluten free and vegan.IMG_0119

When was the last time you hand wrote a letter?IMG_0099

I encourage you to try out Foodie Penpals, even just once.  It is a really fun experience.  Almost everything I received was new to me, except for the banana chips.   Visit The Lean Green Bean for more details on September’s Foodie Penpals!

Thanks for reading.

17 thoughts on “August Foodie Penpals – My First Penpal Experience

  1. Yay, I’m glad to see your experience worked out. I never received anything… which was a bit disappointing. I didn’t try participating a second time. I think it’s a great idea, but maybe it would work better if both pen pals sent to each other rather than the way it’s designed in a circle.

    • Hello – that is such a shame! Actually, this was the first time (in Canada only) that Lindsay paired us up with the same person who would be sending to us, rather than giving and receiving to someone different. Although it was my first time participating, I really like that method, I think it would work better. I can’t believe you didn’t receive anything! What a disappointment.

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