To Genetically Modify, or to Not Genenetically Modify? The Question Continues…

An excellent post by Celeste on a very hot topic. Take the time to read all the comments. I personally do not believe GMOs have been around long enough to determine that long-term health issues are of no concern. I especially stand by my belief that labeling should be mandatory! Why did the food industry (Monsanto, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, etc) contribute over $20 million a few weeks ago in Washington to defeat GMO labeling laws? It really irks me that Monsanto and the big guys should decided what food I will or won’t eat or feed my child! I buy organic as much as I can, especially with foods that are most likely GMO, ie. corn, soy, milk (GMO grain-fed cows)…
I just want to be able to make informed choices for my family.

Honk If You're Vegan


When I heard that foods were being modified to produce their own pesticides, I became concerned. That just sounds SO unhealthy! Still, I have to admit that I know little about GMO’s. So today I’m sharing a GMO guest post by writer, Sandra Mills. I’m curious about what she has to say.

To Genetically Modify, or to Not Genetically Modify? The Question Continues… by Sandra Mills

GMO. Non-GMO. To play with nature or not. Are there benefits? What are the drawbacks? The debate has raged since the first use of genetic modification in 1996. And yet, many more people are becoming aware of this formerly scientific debate as our product packaging is now changing to promote one or the other. Most people are confused, and rightly so.

Pesticide and large agricultural companies tell us one thing, small farmers and independent researchers tell us another. The health world has studies for…

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8 thoughts on “To Genetically Modify, or to Not Genenetically Modify? The Question Continues…

  1. Thanks so much for the reblog Sophia! And I love the what you wrote too! This is such an important topic, and I’m with you that at the very least GMO foods should have labels. People should have the right to choose! Oh, and to give you a head’s up, you’re mentioned in my potluck post. See you at the potluck! 🙂

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