Martha Stewart’s Ugly Food Tweets

I thought this was quite hilarious!  Martha Stewart, famed as a domestic goddess, has been taking some revolting photos of her meals over on Twitter.  I think this really goes to prove the importance of food styling and the skill necessary for food photography!  The comments are quite entertaining…

30 thoughts on “Martha Stewart’s Ugly Food Tweets

  1. couldn’t stop giggling, the fun of it. And the photos truly are terrible – surprisingly for someone who is famed to have impeccable taste and sense of style Martha has no eye for lighting, positioning or food….

  2. Oh wow, this was hilarious, I’ve seen some of her food photo’s and stopped looking because they are so bad. Ugh, looking at the photo’s doesn’t make me want to eat at the restaurants but I know their food has to be good. Her photo’s can’t be helping them.

  3. I watch all Martha Stewart’s TV programs and I am a fan. Of course, we know that she has teams of talented people who make all of it possible to perfection. These photos look like the photos I take of food when I dine at 5 star restaurants on cruise ships . Poor camera, gross looking photos. That is why I don’t post them. 😉

  4. Maybe it’s not my photography skills that need improvement as much as my food styling techniques. Actually, I have NO food styling techniques. Maybe I need to take a class on that, if such a thing even exists. 🙂

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