There’s A New Veganomicon Owner In Town…


I am really excited about the holiday giveaway and the amount of people who participated! It was a blast, and I was anxious for today to arrive so that I can announce the winner! I always use to choose, and the extra facebook and twitter likes obviously gave you more entries.

The lucky winner of Veganomicon is Celeste from Home of The Compassionate Tummies!  A big congratulations to you, Celeste! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Mine is filthy and food stained from the amount of recipes I’ve made from it.  It will definitely be a great resource for feeding your compassionate tummies.

Thank you once again to everyone who played and shared their favourite holiday memories.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading them!  Thank you for sharing the contest among your friends and readers as well!

Have a wonderful weekend and happy holidays!

Celeste, please get in touch with your mailing address. 🙂

Sophia x

5 thoughts on “There’s A New Veganomicon Owner In Town…

  1. Haha – I saw the name, “Celeste” and my heart stared to pound. It’s not a common name, but common enough that it wasn’t me that won. Oh well! Congrats to Compassionate Tummies Celeste, however. Thanks for hosting the giveaway Sophia – it was fun! The Honk if You’re Vegan Celeste 🙂

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