14 thoughts on “Healthy Juicing Magazine

  1. Hey Sophia! How wonderful that you got published in this magazine – you go girl! I haven’t yet seen what you contributed because when I clicked on the link and tried to get to pg. 35 either there was computer error (or more likely human error) and I couldn’t get to it. I’ll have my hubby figure out how to get there when he gets home. Celeste 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the feature, great article the juice sounds really good, I’m not a fan of spirulina but I’m sure you are right about the fruits and veggies masking the taste. I need to incorporate more juice in my diet and want to start a cleanse.

    • Thanks so much! Trust me, I’m not a huge fan of it either, it tasted pretty awful on it’s own. BUT, it’s overpowered by delicious pear and kale in this juice.
      As for the juicing, if you have a juicer my suggestion is to keep out on the counter…I used to have it tucked away and I rarely used it. Once I found a spot for it on the counter, it was much more tempting and easier to whip up a juice more regularly! 🙂
      I think we’re all due for a cleanse after the holidays, huh?
      Sophia 🙂

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